How can you tell if it’s genuine LEAN SIX SIGMA?

The term Lean Six Sigma is bandied about by many offering training opportunities. However, these organisations vary in quality, and their depth and scope of knowledge transfer is often limited. In such an environment it can be difficult to distinguish between genuine, full Lean Six Sigma and a stripped-down, diluted version.

Genuine Lean Six Sigma is the thorough fusion of both Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma.

LEAN SIX SIGMA is not just Lean Enterprise tacked-on to Six Sigma or Six Sigma tacked-on to Lean Enterprise. It is a thorough fusion of the two methodologies resulting in a separate and distinct discipline — LEAN SIX SIGMA!

LEAN SIX SIGMA was developed by Michael George, CEO and founder of the George Group – InteGlobal’s US partner. Genuine and orginal Lean Six Sigma is best explained in his two books “Lean Six Sigma” and “Lean Six Sigma for Service”.

Lean Six Sigma is a vocation

Lean Six Sigma is a recognized vocation in Australia where its skills and competency are protected under national accreditation. Accreditation by the Australia Qualifications Authority (AQF) is a key to distinguishing when genuine LEAN SIX SIGMA is on offer.

Our Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Lean Six Sigma are Australia’s only AQF recognised post-graduate qualifications in LEAN SIX SIGMA and cover all the laws and principles of Lean Six Sigma.

To be a recognised as a true Lean Six Sigma practitioner; a Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt must be trained in ALL the disciplines and tools of the practice and prove their competency not only by formal qualification but, most importantly, in practice.

Green Belt training takes ten (10) days and covers the integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools into a single seamless project discipline.

Black Belt includes a further ten (10) days and includes advanced analytical and other tools in Lean Six Sigma.

By successfully completing one of these courses with InteGlobal, you will have gained genuine LEAN SIX SIGMA credentials that will be recognised anywhere around the globe.