LEAN Analytics – the BIG picture

Getting the BIG picture

Lean is generally known as a powerful toolbox method of direct process improvement tools and related cultural disciplines that enable process Stability, Flexibility and Speed. But organizations and processes can be quite complex to standardize, especially when there are many products or services traversing the same workstations and operations. A major cause of integration failure happens when a fundamental misunderstanding amongst consulting providers and organizations occurs.

True Lean is one comprehensive approach, not just a smorgasbord of tools.

Being good at basic Lean tools does not always lead to the dramatic changes that are promised or expected.

The fact is there is more to Lean than most are aware.

Lean Analytics are a series of calculations and statistical tools that allow understanding of more complex situations such as: intra-work station and product/ service frequencies, co-efficient of variance of demand algorithms, batch prioritization, unit capacity and value efficiency metrics. All combine to enable true Lean and Lean Six Sigma tranformation.

InteGlobal offers comprehensive training in Lean Analytics as part of it’s Green Belt, Black Belt and Advanced Black Belt qualifications.