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Lean Six Sigma is a integrated way of life. The long-term productivity and prosperity of an organization is underpinned by its pursuit of continuous improvement.

  • Lean Six Sigma return shareholder value by continuously improving economic profit.
  • Helps to understand and better deliver on critical customer requirements.
  • Culturally, every employee has a mandate to perform their best and are also empowered to improve the process.

Learn How

Lean Six Sigma has proven time and time again that no matter what industry, sector or culture Lean Six Sigma works!

Recommended Reading

These books are not only give you food for thought but are also an excellent introduction to LEAN SIX SIGMA. Reading these books and distributing them within your organisation will both prepare and reaffirm LEAN SIX SIGMA disciplines and methods.

Lean Six Sigma,by Michael George

The original bestseller. A must have!


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Lean Six Sigma for Service, by Michael George

How LSS fits outside manufacturing


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Lean Six Sigma Pocket Tool Book, by Michael George

Undertaking projects? This ready-reference will help


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